Training: e-learning or on-premises

E-learning courses are an important tool for training and facilitating the learning process in different areas.

Thanks to the Internet and modern information technology, e-learning allows you to take advantage of a series of training courses, useful for both the purposes of professional growth and for updating one’s knowledge and skillset in a completely innovative way compared to classic classroom-based courses.

Advantages of our e-learning courses are characterized by:

  • High flexibility and usability of the courses (there are no limits in terms of place and time)
  • High level of cost containment
  • Easy distribution of teaching materials
  • Increased personalisation of training and learning
  • Easy centralized monitoring of results

Our e-learning services provide:

  • State-of-the-art content which updated to the latest regulatory changes
  • Highly personalized training according to the needs of the organization
  • Learning assessments with multiple-choice questionnaires
  • Issuance of individual certificate upon passing the modules

Our e-learning courses will be delivered through the ICTCC learning management system (LMS), a simple and intuitive online application platform that allows for the delivery of e-learning courses and oversees the distribution of courses, student enrolment, the tracking of activities, and more.

In addition to the innovative platform for the delivery of courses remotely, our experts will also be available to carry out training sessions on data protection, cybersecurity and management systems on-premises at your offices, ensuring the efficiency of our service, and verifying the learning of the recipients of the service through both tests and interactive exercises.